Laser for Dazzling & interdiction at short distance

A company specialized in the supply of defense and security equipment, GEIM is the leading company in France in the design of non-lethal lasers dedicated to deterrence and interception of potential threats. Without generating permanent eye damage, GEIM deterrent lasers strictly meet the strictest European standards (EN-IEC 60 825-1).


The L.E.I laser integrate the latest laser and beam shaping technologies which give the L.E.I its particularly innovative character, both in terms of power and efficiency. The latest generation lens guarantees increased resistance to environmental constraints for military or law enforcement applications compared to current technologies.

The L.E.I is a portable and completely autonomous green laser. Non-lethal laser very efficiency in terms of interdiction dazzling and marking of hostile individuals.



  • Operational autonomy > 60 minutes
  • Weight: 800g
  • Totally waterproof for outdoor operations (IP65)
  • Integrated active eye safety device
  • Working distances: 7 to 15 m - other distances possible depending on customer needs
  • Fixed and strobe mode
  • Round spotlight at 10 m: 0.6 m


Law enforcement

Very effective for law enforcement during road checks, to deter refusals to comply, during investigations, searches of suspicious points, search areas for evidence, marks and/or individuals, but also to mark a specific area for action.

Safety on commercial and cruise ships

Possible uses for the protection of access to ships (boarding passage), for search and inspection in ships before departure (hidden stowaways) and for ship control operations by security teams. inspection of the Coast Guard, the National Navy, the Maritime Gendarmerie, when approaching the board of ships and when searching the ship (holds, recesses, holds, etc.).

Security of sensitive sites

For personnel and teams in charge of security of sensitive sites. The LEI is very effective equipment at night but also during the day for searches, searches of buildings and areas that could hide individuals.