The HS-10 Speaker incorporates proprietary and exclusive Hyperspike technology.

For a weight of less than 7Kg, the HS-10-R system allows perfectly audible and understandable communications up to 750 meters with an output power of 144 dB.

A simple push button allows you to access the high frequency alert signal and specifically optimize it to maximize the acoustic output.

Say goodbye to garbled messages from traditional megaphones and other acoustic alert devices. The HS-10-R delivers intelligible orders and/or injunctions and authoritative messages to a target with an exceptional STI (intelligibility level) rate of 0.85 out of 1.0.

Robust & lightweight, it has been designed to withstand severe environmental conditions.
Its internal battery allows the HS-10-R to remain operational for more than eight hours.



  • Acoustic power 144 dB SPL
  • Usage: 750m
  • Broadcast angle: +-15°
  • Incomparable sound reproduction 0.85 out of 1
  • Warning signal
  • Weight: <7Kg
  • Recording/conference


Crowd control

Civil security

Law Enforcement

Traffic control

Event control ( Olympic games..)

Protection of ports and borders

Maritime safety