Mobile and Integrable Defensive Dazzling

In order to best meet operational needs, GEIM has designed a brand new dazzling system for distances between 5 and 15 meters (Day) and more than 25m (Night). With very high light output, EDI (Integrable Defensive Dazzling) allows it to be adapted to all situations.

The EDI allows autonomous use if it is fixed on a shield with battery or in fixed mode connected to the sector. Each head provides lighting of more than 14,000 lumens in strobe mode.


The high level of technology as well as the overall mastery of the product allows GEIM to produce a simple and efficient device for all your area security.

Our EDIs are equipped with high performance LEDs and an intelligent energy management device to extend the operating time



  • Waterproof IP67
  • Very powerful 6500K white lighting
  • Lighting per head: 14000 Lumens
  • Wide beam 37°


Dazzling, marking

The EDI has been specifically developed for the Police, Gendarmerie, CRS, ERIS (prison ) forces as part of their law enforcement and/or crowd or individual control operations. Very effective during so-called “in close contact” interventions due to very strong dazzling and disturbance of senses.

Investigation and assault

Law Enforcement