GEIM, and recognized innovative French company, with its study office specialized in the design of embedded electronic products and systems.


GEIM was born from the idea of bringing together and combining skills and experiences acquired by the founders of the company, in Defense and the conduct of technical and scientific programs. Knowledge of operational needs and constraints has made it possible to design and manufacture innovative equipment in France and Brittany that meets the needs of our customers.


GEIM is winner of the Innovation Trophies for its innovative product, the LDI non-lethal deterrent laser


Design of the first handheld Dazzling and interdiction laser ( LEI )


2020 Design and manufacture of the first tactical glare kit for shields (EDI)




With nearly two decades of experience as an entrepreneur and mechatronics engineer, Antoine specializes in the design of innovative embedded products.

Its expertise extends from design to electronics, including integration, with the aim of constantly exceeding customer expectations by offering them products at the cutting edge of innovation.

Martial Festoc - Responsable secteur défense

Martial FESTOC

Development Director of the Defense and Security department - Former of Navy Commando Marine - French Navy Special Forces
With his operational experience of several decades within the French Navy, both in the Naval Staff for the conduct and monitoring of programs and through his missions within the Commandos Marine units, Martial FESTOC is at the origin of the identification of needs and the definition of innovative equipment to be designed and developed for security and defense such as the LDI deterrent laser, the LEI interdiction laser and other specific equipment dedicated to special forces.
Its experience and knowledge in matters of defense and security make it possible to identify and propose upstream systems and equipment providing real operational and technical progress for operational staff and forces.


Sebastien TREGARO

Head of the Study office

Entrepreneur and doctor in electronics, he capitalizes on long-term expertise in the design of communicating embedded systems.

With in-depth knowledge of the field acquired through his professional experience, he is able to effectively ensure all phases of the life cycle of a product, from design to production until the end of its life.

An innovative company

GEIM is recognized as a cutting-edge company in the design and manufacture of non-lethal laser dazzling equipment and tactical lighting.

Design Office

Integrated within the company, discover the services of our design office in embedded electronics and mechatronics for different sectors of activity such as home automation, food processing, telecoms, industry, energy and disability. ..


Company news, its innovations and design office projects

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