BIM Vector
Beacons for Identification and Marking

GEIM, a company specializing in the supply of defense and security equipment, designs and supplies programmable intelligent beacons for identification, marking and area tracking operations.


The high level of technology as well as the overall mastery of the product allows GEIM to produce a simple and efficient device for all your marking or tracking operations. Our beacons are equipped with high-performance LEDs visible from more than 10 km and an intelligent energy management device to extend the operating time.
BIM Vector is the specific version for vectors (land vehicles and watercraft) of the BIM tag.

It allows the emission of an intense white, IR (850nm), continuous, flashing or MORSE light signal for the identification and authentication of land or maritime vehicles.

It is easily positioned thanks to its specific interface for any type of vector. It can be activated on demand from a proximity command.

The basic beacon incorporates a network of LEDs (White or IR) and a charge level indicator. A simple button allows operation and mode selection (fixed, flashing or MORSE).



  • Battery life > 5 hours continuously
  • Rechargeable
  • Powerful white or IR lighting (850/940nm)
  • Waterproof (IP67)


Vehicles and Boats marking

"Friends" identification

Marking of EOD zones