Beacons for Identification and Marking

GEIM, a company specializing in the supply of defense and security equipment, designs and supplies programmable and radio-controlled intelligent beacons for identification, marking and area monitoring operations.



The high level of technology as well as the overall mastery of the product allow GEIM to produce simple and effective equipment for all marking or identification operations. Our beacons are equipped with high-performance LEDs visible at night up to more than 8km.

BIM is much more than a simple beacon, it allows you to choose between flashing or fixed mode, white or IR. Triggering can be activated by motion and remotely by radio. The features offered make it possible to synchronize all the beacons together to create zone marking (DZ/LZ, etc.).

Easily positioned using ground stakes, a very compact and lightweight tripod allowing optimal orientation of the markers. Finally, the anti-violation device allows, in the event of discovery and movement of one of the beacons, to interrupt it immediately, indicating that the area has been compromised and risky.



  • Battery life > 8 hours continuously
  • Rechargeable
  • Powerful White and IR lighting on the front Red/Green on the rear
  • Programmable
  • Waterproof (IP67)
  • Anti-lift
  • Communicative


Zone marking (DZ/LZ .....)

Developed and designed for military operations but also for rescue and evacuation operations (MEDEVAC) of people/victims.
Marking and marking of landing zones for aircraft and helicopters.