As experts in the design of embedded electronic cards and systems, our activity is focused on the research and development of innovations aimed at optimizing and perfecting the electronics of your products. Our Study office brings your ideas to life by designing electronic systems, focusing on specific components.


We study your project, your specific needs and determine with you its technical and economic feasibility.

An in-depth assessment of the different aspects related to the development of your product. The analysis aims to understand your requirements, constraints, risks and opportunities associated with the design, manufacturing and deployment of your product. This analysis is carried out at the beginning of your project life cycle and serves as the basis for planning and decision-making.


Based on the expression of your needs or your specifications, our intervention can cover all phases of development of your electronic system. We offer a pre-study, an in-depth study of your electronic cards and embedded systems, including the drafting of specifications, the feasibility study, the definition of the architecture, the sizing of the components, as well as the creation of diagrams electronic.


Our solutions find applications in various sectors, including aerospace, ocean racing, manufacturing, telecommunications, food processing and many others. We adapt our skills to the specific needs of each client, to guarantee tailor-made solutions.


Our team of qualified engineers produces an average of 20 new electronic designs each year while integrating the latest technological advances to guarantee optimal performance.

Power electronics - Analog and digital electronics - Signal acquisition and conditioning - Energy conversion Wired and wireless communications

Software Development

We specialize in developing robust embedded software that powers our electronic products as well as Windows and Android development.

Microprocessor programming, DSP + C/C++, C#, Qt development - Setting up a DEV environment under Windows, Android, Linux; specific driver.

Our quality-focused approach guarantees reliable and efficient systems.


Through our rapid prototyping process, we quickly turn concepts into working prototypes, speeding up the development cycle and allowing our customers to quickly visualize their ideas.

Our Clients

We have the honor of having developed solutions for our demanding customers that find applications in various sectors, including aeronautics, ocean racing, industry, telecommunications, medical, agri-food and many more. others.

Finalised Projects

Development of a long distance (15km) radio (Lora) triggering system for light beacons with management of connection issues, autonomy of the remote control and receiver as well as optimization and reduction of the dimensions of the system.

Development of an embedded automaton-type card for water analysis and treatment with the control and management of actuators on several field buses (CAN, RS485, RS232, Ethernet)

Development of a 1550nm Laser source driver for integration into a telemetry device. Space management was the main point of this project in order to integrate into an existing system.