GEIM is recognized as a cutting-edge manufacturer of non-lethal dazzling products, including powerful deterrence lasers and tactical lighting.

Founded in 2014, GEIM is a French company that specializes in designing and manufacturing embedded electronic products and systems for defence and law enforcement customers.

The company’s unique and state-of-the-art electronic products are the result of the diverse skills possessed by its founders, including expertise in electronics, mechatronics and optics.

The company has provided non-lethal lasers to various prominent organizations, including large industrials companies, French Navy, French Army and various French / foreign polices forces.


High-tech Solutions And Integrated Security Systems

GEIM is a French company established to cater for the growing demand for professional security advice, products and services. The company is a well known operator in the field of high-tech solutions and integrated security systems, providing the latest in products and services in these areas.

GEIM addresses the needs of the following key markets:

  • Governments, polices and local authorities
  • Defense
  • Maritime security
  • Public security

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