High-tech Solutions And Integrated Security Systems

GEIM is a French company established to cater for the growing demand for professional security advice, products and services. The company is a well known operator in the field of high-tech solutions and integrated security systems, providing the latest in products and services in these areas.

GEIM addresses the needs of the following key markets:

  • Governments, polices and local authorities
  • Defense
  • Maritime security
  • Public security

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GEIM has vast experience and expertise in supporting requirements for specific security projects. An in-house project team handles the process of specific projects in conjunction with our technology partners and systems integrators. GEIM can respond promptly to requests to deliver existing commercial products for special requirements on a short or long term basis.

Our management team is comprises highly personnel who have a wealth of experience and knowledge in the fields of security, technology & risk management. We believe in the importance of understanding our client’s needs and requirements by providing a full range of professional services in a prompt and cost effective manner.

We work actively to maintain this by continuously building on our competence, by promoting technical innovation and maintaining close links with our customers and partners worldwide

Special Forces And Intelligence Service Units

GEIM offers a unique service based on our operationally proven solutions, integrating the most advanced technologies. GEIM is managed by a team of electronic, mechanic and telecommunication engineers,’ coming from the R&D and business executives also having Special Operations background.

GEIM’s main objective is to offer Special Forces and Intelligence service units a specialised service for their highly demandingrequirements. GEIM, through the depth of our experience based knowledge is able to precisely understand its customers’ specific and needs.

GEIM is a French Manufacturer able to meet your expectations, able to react to your needs and ready to deliver in excess of your expectations.

GEIM designs and provides exclusive equipment for the following applications:

  • Intelligence
  • Anti-piracy
  • Sensitive sites security
  • Expatriates and isolated workers security
  • GSM, GPS, Satellite tracking devices
  • Remote video expertise and support (logistic, medical, intelligence)
  • Riots control (powerful acoustic devices)
  • Soldiers information system (enhanced reality, gunfire locator)

Your Defense Partner